Quick Tips For Dating!

You should care for your body as much as you can. It does determine if you feel attractive and confident…… Continue reading

Romantic Tip For Men


You don’t have to copy a scene out the notebook to be romantic. You only need to show how much you appreciate her. A love letter is my go to thing. Its simple and it shows a point. The only thing you have to say is how she makes you feel or how she is so special to you. There are many other things you could right about but these two are the simplest. Simple is good but if you really want to show off than just write how you truly feel and be honest. You have to make her feel like she is your center of attention and that you love her.

The Book That Changes The game!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This book has helped me more than anything to write all these blogs and to live a successful love life. It has truly helped me seem more attractive to women. The book has revealed all the things women hide from men. It gives you the facts! its safe t say that this book will truly change your mind-set and strategy when approaching women. It has much more to offer then just that. There are many things I could say about this book, but don’t just take my word for it go check it out your self!

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Key Rule For Finding A Partner #2

There are many rules to finding your dream partner. Another on of these rules is confidence. A confident person is seen to be more attractive. This is true for both males and females. Being confident will give you a boost in finding the perfect person. This was a short blog but you can find how to be more confident in my one of my other post. Here is the link https://unisextips.wordpress.com/2014/10/09/how-to-be-more-confidentmen/

Key Rule For Finding A Partner

Finding someone who you will enjoy spending a majority of the time is hard. It isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time to find the perfect person. The only thing you have to is be yourself. It’s easy as that. Eventually you will find a person who you can relate too and love. If you do this not only will you find an awesome person but your relationship will last a lot longer than if you where to date some random person. You won’t have to act like someone your aren’t to impress the person. If he/she truly loves you then they will love you for who you are.

5 Random Things That Are Actually Healthy For A Relationship

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If you take a nap today, make sure you grab your mate and nap together!  Why? Apparently napping together is one of five things that are actually healthy for a relationship! Here are five random things that can actually be healthy for a relationship if you do them together.

1. Watching TV- If you watch the right shows, like “Modern Family,” because it is good for laughing together. A show like “House of Cards” could lead to “big picture” conversations about your values and “Game of Thrones” might spice things up.

2. Grocery shopping and cooking- This is your way of turning a chore into a chance to work together as a team to get it done and enjoy a yummy meal!

3. Sweating- OK, well exercise. Sweating and exercising together is great for your relationship because you’re both making an effort to get healthier. Exercise also releases feel-good chemicals in the…

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