Stress is a natural respond that our body developed. It helps warn us. It is very important as it may increase productivity. Its pretty much you friend. Distress is almost the same as stress but it is stress’ evil twin. It is triggered by social and environmental things. If too much distress is acquired then it could start damaging your body. It could eventually lead to depression. Having to cope with stress is key to living a stress free life.

  Tips for dealing with stress

These are some things that you can do to deal with stress.



-Find a positive outlet to get your emotions out.

Something that I learnt to do is just to have a 4 min of silence to relax. This really helps and works. You can improve the chances of it working by doing breathing exercises.(Breath in for 3 sec, Hold 3 sec, Let out 3 sec) Performing these things will allow you to have a stress free environment. Letting you be more happy 🙂 .