Key Rule For Finding A Partner #2

There are many rules to finding your dream partner. Another on of these rules is confidence. A confident person is seen to be more attractive. This is true for both males and females. Being confident will give you a boost in finding the perfect person. This was a short blog but you can find how to be more confident in my one of my other post. Here is the link

Key Rule For Finding A Partner

Finding someone who you will enjoy spending a majority of the time is hard. It isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time to find the perfect person. The only thing you have to is be yourself. It’s easy as that. Eventually you will find a person who you can relate too and love. If you do this not only will you find an awesome person but your relationship will last a lot longer than if you where to date some random person. You won’t have to act like someone your aren’t to impress the person. If he/she truly loves you then they will love you for who you are.

Dating Tip!

The most important thing I have learnt about dating is to not rush things. If you take things slow, you can see if the person is right for you. I noticed that this is one of the reasons that there are so much break ups. You feel like the other person is perfect, but after a while you start to see the real side of them. This could be noticed way before getting your heart-broken if you take time to know the person before you engage in a relationship. If you are truly in love with the person and they are with you than even after that wait you still see them as a perfect being and will have barely any complications in your relationship. This really helps me it helps me dodge an unwanted relationship.


The drama… I have been over-whelmed with drama lately. It’s very stressful since I’m not used to all this attention. This new year in school is a bit more dramatic than I wanted. I made some mistakes which led me to lose some of my friends. It is the thing that make our life entertaining(well…for me). All this attention is making me feel lonely. It’s funny how you can go from one of the most liked person to an asshole. Its killing me but I know that at the end of this war I have to win. If you are hated by someone then it shows you actually stood for something. I got too personal but I needed something to get my feelings out. Sorry guys.