Shy and Single? Here is your dating guide!!!

It’s a bit harder to date if your shy. Unlike outgoing people, anxious people are more help back and are a bit scared to go socialize and date. With these four rules you will be a bit more confident when dating.

Accept Yourself 

Feeling good about yourself and being confident are a big problems for anxious people. You can learn to cope with your anxiety or just accepting, it will help you a lot.  I have a few post about how to feel more confident about yourself on my blog so check them out.

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Define Your Goals

You have to know what you want from life. You should ask yourself if you a valuing your anxiety over a potential relationship. Never let anxiety run your life. Learning relaxation tricks and to track your emotions will help separate anxiety from the real situation. Relationships will only get better with time so there is nothing to worry about.

Don’t Blame Always Yourself

Anxious people assume the relationship didn’t work out because of them. A relationship is 50-50. Your partner plays a big role on how the relationship turns out. Some times dating doesn’t always work out and that alright.

You can do it!

Don’t over think mistakes, just learn from them. In the path of dating you will eventually find the one at the end of the road. You just need to keep trying and learn to deal with your anxiety! So go out thee and find the one!!



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