As we all know, men only want sex, well this is right for MOST cases. We will do anything for sexual pleasure when we are horny. Ladies learn from this for it’ll save your heart from being heart-broken. This is called the ice cream bucket because you only eat some at a time and save the rest for next time. Mn do this with women. If he knows you are a “freak”(search it up on urban dictionary if you don’t know what it is) then he will go straight to you. You’re an easy target, He will seduce you, use you for pleasure, then leave you. When he is in the mood again he will do the same thing. When you suggest for a relationship he will deny or make an excuse, this is an easy way to know your being used. There are many other ways to see this pay is in action but that just depends on your situation. This mostly is for teens or for young adult when men are high on hormones and want sex.


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